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DMM Accuracy Profile

Published on:2016-07-13 17:49:23

      Accuracy refers to the maximum permissible error in a particular environment. In other words, precision is used to show how close the actual value of the measured values with the DMM measured values.
     For digital multimeter, the reading accuracy usually is described as a percentage. For example, 1% of reading accuracy means: Meter's display is 100.0V, perhaps the actual voltage at between 99.0V ~ 101.0V.
    Sometimes specific value will be added to the basic accuracy of the detailed description. It means that the right end of the screen is transformed to increase the number of words. In the previous examples, the accuracy may be called ± (1% + 2). Therefore, if the reading in this table is 100.0V, from the actual voltage at 100.0+ (100 × 1% + 0.2) to 100.0- (100 × 1% + 0.2). It is between 98.8V ~ 101.2V. 
   For example: DC voltage 2V accuracy of the three and a half digital multimeter
in the specification is discribed as: ± (0.5% + 1), 2V maximum display on the three and a half digital multimeter is 1.999, and then the brackets 1 refers to 0.001V. The voltage measured on the 7th battery terminal is 1.755V. The possible range of the battery's terminal voltage is 1.755V ± (1.755V × 0.5% + 0.001V), approximately 1.755V ± 0.010V, and the real value is from 1.745V to 1.765V


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